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Righteous Herb is a story of friends and their families coming together to contribute and provide wellness to their communities. Our vision began while sitting with friends and family around the bonfire,  as many dreams do in rural New Mexico. As a team of landowners, experienced growers and manufacturers, we enter into New Mexico's Green Revolution with a vision of a better future for our families and our community. Together we will reinvigorate our communities through sustainable business practice and by fostering education initiatives, creating more informed and resilient citizens. 


We take pride in our heritage, utilizing our collective elders' knowledge and sharing this knowledge to stabilize our people for the Unknowns that the future brings. Righteous Herb respects all people and strives to create an inclusive community, accepting our differences and embracing diversity to create a deeper communal bond.


Our company is committed to sustainably producing cannabis and cannabis products, reducing our environmental impact and influencing a culture of sustainability in the cannabis industry that ensures a healthy future for our industry and our customers.  As our business matures, Righteous Herb will work towards a carbon neutral and ultimately a carbon negative cannabis system, sequestering more carbon than our business produces from seed to sale. We commit to continuing to reduce water usage through conservation practices and water reuse, practice electricity conservation which will evolve into sustainable energy production, and will continue to grow organically to ensure our state's resources will remain pristine for future generations.

Meet the Team


Brian Nystrom, Founder, Head Grower

Brian is a founder and head grower at Righteous Herb. Growing up in Farmington, NM, it was inevitable to spend some time in the oilfield. During the 8 years of oilfield work Brian fell in love with growing organic cannabis as a medical caregiver in Colorado. After parting ways with the family oilfield business, cannabis became his main focus. With the new legalization in NM there was opportunity to get into this budding industry while bringing the organic, sustainable methods back to his home state. Brian's long term goal is to offer the best organic cannabis products possible to the community that raised him.


Evan Stambler, Founder, Head Grower

Evan is a founder and head grower at Righteous Herb. Growing up in Corrales, New Mexico, Evan worked on his family’s small organic vegetable farm. Through this he grew to love growing all plants, and has worked on many different organic farms growing both cannabis and veggies. He earned a degree in environmental studies at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, and strives to make Righteous Herb more sustainable every year with his knowledge of organic gardening. With 10 plus years of experience growing cannabis medically in Colorado, Evan is excited and committed to bringing the best possible flower to market in his home state of New Mexico.


Justin Benedict, Founder, Head of Operations

Justin is a loving father of one with a lifelong passion to develop sustainable agriculture, health systems, and education opportunities for the next generation. As a 5th generation farmer in the San Juan River valley, he grew up working the same family farm that Righteous Herb grows on today. His approach to health follows the saying from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, and his passion for food as medicine continues to evolve. After graduating from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Environmental Sustainability focusing on community engagement through sustainable agriculture, Justin worked with Local Alternative Foods in Flagstaff, Arizona to develop, produce, and sell the NexVeg® meat alternatives brand. As New Mexico legalized cannabis, he posed the opportunity to enter the cannabis industry to his family and friends, and Righteous Herb was born. 


Reba Allen, Founder

Reba grew up surrounded by farmers and teachers who fostered her love of nature and practicality while always stressing the importance of family and working hard to accomplish your goals.  After moving from the midwest to Arizona over 20 years ago, Reba became a leader in the real estate industry and is the proud parent to two wonderful children and one awesome dog. In her free time she enjoys mountain biking, a variety of outdoor adventures with her family, disc golf, creating wheel-thrown pottery, and advocating for plant based diets and climate change action.  Reba is honored to be part of the Righteous Herb team and wholeheartedly believes in the many benefits of the amazing cannabis plant. 

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Nikki Moon, Manager

A 'Jane of many trades', Nikki has spent her career between the outdoor leadership industry and the art industry. After attending Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio- Nikki spent several years developing a relationship with the land in leadership in wilderness therapy,  conservation corps, and through the study of herbalism. While she still spends most of her free time between herbalism and creating art, Nikki is passionate about creating ecologically minded systems and a health focused approach for the cannabis industry and at Righteous Herb. Aside from work and her passions, Nikki spends a lot of time romping the land with dogs Nala and Ollie, making specializing tea blends, and playing music.

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